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What Is An OCA Lamination Machine?

What Is An OCA Lamination Machine?

OCA lamination machine is a repairing device for mobile phones that enables you to fix the broken screens efficiently.
Regardless of whether it’s an iPhone, Samsung, or any other brand – OCA Laminator helps you to replace the broken screens of all types of smartphones. It is an automatic machine, and even a novice can learn to operate it in a short time.
If you want to offer iPad or tablet repair services, then buy an advanced level OCA Laminator machine.

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Why Do We Choose To Use OCA Laminator Machine?

Today, the smartphone is the most favourite gadget of people. We use it to conduct our daily life businesses. Apart from being a comprehensive gadget to communicate with each other, it provides a wide range of entertainment sources as well. Major portions of internet traffic and e-commerce sales happen due to mobile phones. Smartphones are portable and easy to carry; therefore, their demand & supply keeps increasing each year. Currently, there are hundreds of mobile phone manufacturers producing all kinds of smartphones. Therefore, the competition in the market is bigger than ever. The cost is decreasing as well. A few years ago, broken cell phones were not as easy to repair as now. Thanks to technological advancement, mobile repairing has become very easy, and now, it’s possible to fix any issue on a smartphone. OCA Laminator machine has made it very convenient to fix broken smartphones.


Operating Principle Of OCA Lamination Machine

The underlying working principle is an automated procedure. A single-chip computer is installed inside the machine that is programmed to instruct the machine to work as a laminating machine for cell phones. The automated process helps to glue the replaced screens or glass with the cell phone.
Let’s understand the smartphone first. The LCD screen has 3 parts, which include the front glass, OCA glue, and the LCD/OLED touch screen underneath the two parts.
The LCD screen is placed in the machines, and the new front glass and OCA glue are placed as well. Typically, the LCD screen is placed in the lamination chamber. The machine then forms the vacuum and attach the new front glass to the LCD screen by OCA glue. The heating function of the Laminator machine softens the OCA glue to diminish the risks of bubbles.



What Is The Benefits Of Laminator Machine?

The biggest benefit of the OCA Laminator machine is its perfection in the soft-to-hard combination that it creates between OCA glue and LCD screen.

When you manually attach the LCD screen, the chances of creating air bubbles ramp up significantly. OCA Laminator offers a seamless process and attaches the LCD screen perfectly. The high-pressure vacuum pump creates a vacuum inside the machine, Air compressor provides strong pressure for lamination machine and takes the chances of air bubbles to zero.
During manual replacement, the appearance of dust particles is a common issue. With the Laminator machine, you won’t face this issue. It saves you from encountering the interrupted vision because of dust particles.
Second, do not need to worry about the screen does not fit tightly. Perfect replacement makes your smartphone looks new. Not only, you get a better look, but it improves the durability of the cellphone as well. Lesser wastage means lesser environmental pollution, which is a big issue today.

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What Is The Features Of the OCA Machine?

The majority of OCA Laminator machines come with standard features. However, some advanced versions are available too. The first & foremost feature is its ease of use. It has an intuitive interface that enables beginners to learn it quickly. You can control it using its intuitive touch screen or one-button control.
OCA Laminator machines are not lightweight by any means. They usually weigh anywhere between 45-60 KG. Depending on the number of laminators inside a machine, it can range be heavier. Some advanced machines come with 4-5 built-in devices for a wide range of use.
The machine is safe to use, and it has a built-in bubble remover, which is highly efficient. The radius of the cylinder is considerably enough, and the 4 balanced rails inside the machine let you laminate with 100% precision & accuracy.
If you have a workload that is impossible to manage with a single machine, then consider using a multi-laminator machine. The size of a laminator machine decides how many devices can be entertained at a given time.
Some advanced machines have enough space inside to manage iPad and tablets. The size of plates inside such machines can be as large as 15 inches.
Technologically advanced models have even more flexible airbags that diminish the risk of damaging the phone’s flex cable. It’s a cost-effective machine and offers a high ROI. The cost depends on the features of the machine. If it serves a particular purpose only like laminating, then it would be cheap. If you buy a machine with an extensive range of features, the cost certainly goes up.



The OCA Lamination machine has changed the way we used to repair cell phones. It has increased the productivity and success rate of repair shop owners. If you run a mobile repairing shop, then having an OCA Laminator machine is critical to your success in the business. 

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